500 MHz Pen transmitter

500 MHz Pen transmitter

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The Mini transmitter operates on 3x  1,5-volt  Watch-battery in a suitable for the socket size. Use of Duracel products is preferred. The batteries are placed so that the minus fits in the suspension and the plus – in the flat side.


Do not place the Mini transmitter near by big metal objects. Do not place it near computers, TV sets or other electrical devices too. Best places to put it are on furniture.

The microphone is sensitive enough to transmit all noises from the supervised area. No approachment to the noise source is needed.

If possible do not touch the transmitter during  use.   


Turn on the receiver, shift to W-FM ( FM ) and search the 480 MHz - 540 MHz area. On a certain point (approx. 495,00 MHz) you will hear a whistle or background noises. Now you should leave the room and readjust the receiver if needed.

Under best circumstances the reception varies around 150-2000m.

Under worst circumstances the reception doesn’t fall under 40m.


If there are no mechanical damages on the device, it will be replaced even after years. You can obtain the address on telephone number 00359899088222. You can also call that number in case of any technical questions or see this.